Technology Timeline

My very own cert!

Computer Programming

Years ago it was hard to imagine a farm boy getting involved with computers. When I first took a Fortran class in college I saw how a computer could make things much more efficient. The Marine Corps gave me the opportunity to get hands on experience at writing computer applications that dealt with business applications. The Marine Corps offered me the opportunity to complete an Associates Degree in Computer Programming.

Early on I wrote primarily business applications. I went to work for a laboratory that performed soil testing for agricultural purposes. Initial work there involved automating report generation and gathering data directly from the test equipment to eliminate data entry errors. That machine to machine type of applications became something I have been very interested in.

When GPS systems became available for public use the consultants saw an opportunity to start sampling and recording data based on coordinates. I became heavily involved in writing applications for what would be termed today as precision agriculture. I took a real interest in GPS technology and communications between computers which led to my current work in networking.


I have been a Cisco Networking Academy instructor for the past 16 years. I've also been a qualified Academy Train-the-Trainer instructor for the past 10 plus years. I routinely present multiple sessions on various network related topics at the Cisco Academy regional and national conferences.

Besides the Cisco curriculum I have taught numerous Linux and Linux related coureses. I have worked as a Subject Matter Expert for the Cisco Network Academy curriculum and for content related to instructional materials in line with the Linux Professional Institute Certification.